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Find out information about defecating a foamed baby here

As a parent, you might panic when you have a bowel movement in a foamy baby. Even so, defecating with foaming at this baby could be normal and not a sign of danger. To find out more information about BAB baby foaming, let's, see the following review. Characteristics and characteristics of stool is one indicator of infant health. Therefore, you need to know and pay attention to changes in texture, color, and frequency of bowel movements in infants. By paying attention to the bowel movement in infants, you can monitor the health condition and adequacy of nutrition. Causes of BABY Foamy Babies BAB foaming in infants is not always a sign of disease. It is actually quite normal if the baby is still getting exclusive breastfeeding. Defecation frothy babies can occur due to an imbalance in the intake of foremilk and hindmilk. ASI consists of two parts, namely foremilk and hindmilk. Foremilk is milk that comes out first for a few minutes, when the baby starts breastfeeding. After th
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Can a Caesarean Operation Be Performed at the Patient's Request

The process of giving birth has always been a thrilling moment for every mother. If there are no complications of pregnancy, labor is generally done normally through the vagina. However, not a few pregnant women who avoid the experience of normal childbirth and prefer to give birth by cesarean section. Basically, the patient has the right to choose the type of delivery that will be done as desired. Medically and ethically, obstetricians may do a cesarean section at the request of the patient, even without indication, as long as the patient has been given an explanation of the benefits and risks of this procedure. Type of Delivery Must Be in Accordance with the Patient's Condition Although the patient has the right to be actively involved in choosing the method of delivery, the doctor will still examine the patient's overall condition before determining the type of delivery. The doctor will also consider the magnitude of the benefits and risks that may occur from the type

Tips Familiarize Children Breakfast To Support Their Activities

Breakfast is important to provide food intake after not eating and drinking all night. Fulfillment of balanced nutrition at breakfast, can help support children in carrying out their activities properly. Many of the benefits of breakfast that can be obtained by Little. In addition to providing energy, breakfast is also beneficial to increase endurance and improve concentration when receiving lessons at school. Children who have breakfast habits also tend to have a stable weight, so that your Little avoid the risk of obesity. Why Do Children Tend to Lazy at Breakfast? Unfortunately, many children are still difficult if asked to have breakfast. Even if your child does not eat breakfast, he will skip the intake of important nutrients in the morning. Of course this will affect the activities of the day. Many things that make Little refused to eat breakfast. There are those who refuse breakfast because they do not feel hungry, there are also reasons why they have no appetite. Do not